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          Currently, foreigners traveling to Thailand obtain different types of visa, some obtain visa from Thai Embassy or Thai Consulate in their country before coming to Thailand. Sometimes, foreigners can obtain visa once arrive in Thailand called “Visa on Arrival”. Moreover, Thailand gives exemption to some national so that they could travel to Thailand without visa.
Types of Visa 
  • Tourist Visa 

          This type of visa is issued to applicants who wish to enter the Kingdom for tourism purposes

           Period of Stay

            Upon arrival, travelers with this type of visa will be permitted to stay in Thailand for a period of not exceeding 30 days or 60 days.
            Nationals of countries which are on Thailand’s Tourist Visa Exemption list or have bilateral agreements on visa exemption with Thailand will be permitted to stay for a period of not exceeding 60 days. Nationals from other countries who hold a tourist visa will be permitted to stay in Thailand for a period of not exceeding 30 days.
(For an extension, foreigners can apply for an extension not exceeding 30 days, and in total of not over 90 days from entering Thailand)
            Foreigners who hold Tourist Visa, and wish to work in Thailand can apply the change of visa to Non-Immigrant visa.
  •  Visa on Arrival
This type of visa is for a visit to Thailand (bilateral agreements between Thailand and other countries so that when the citizens of that country travel to Thailand). The period allowed for stay in Thailand is 15 days.
  • Non-immigrant Visa
            This type of visa is issued to applicants who wish to enter the Kingdom for the following purposes:
-         to conduct business / to work (Category “B”)
-         other activities (Category “O”) as follows:
to stay with the family, to perform duties for the state enterprise or social welfare organizations, to stay after retirement for the elderly, to receive medical treatment, to be a sport coach as required by Thai Government, to be a contestant or witness for the judicial process.
Non-Immigrant Visa “B” (Business and Work)
            Foreigner who wish to work, conduct business or undertake investment activities in Thailand must apply for a Non-Immigrant Visa at the Royal Thai Embassies or Royal Thai Consulates-General. Various categories of the Non-Immigrant Visa are currently provided to meet the needs and qualifications of individual business persons. These include business visa Category “B”, business-approved visa Category “B-A” and investment and business visa Category “IB”. Holder of this type of visa wishing to work in Thailand must be granted a work permit before starting work. The visa fee is 2,000 Baht for single-entry with three-month validity and 5,000 Baht for multiple entries with one-year validity.
            Nationals of certain countries are required to apply for a visa only at the Royal Thai Embassy or Royal Thai Consulate-General in their home/residence country or at the designated Royal Thai Embassy or Royal Thai Consulate-General. Travelers are advised to contact the nearest Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate-General to find out where they may apply for a visa to Thailand before departure. For more information on contact details and locations of the Royal Thai Embassies and Royal Thai Consulates-General, see 
Non-Immigrant Visa “O-A” (Long Stay)
            This type of visa may be issued to applicants aged 50 years and over who wish to stay in Thailand for a period of not exceeding 1 year without the intention of working.
            Holders of this type of visa are allowed to stay in Thailand for 1 year. Employment of any kind is strictly prohibited.

     We can service you with Non-B and Non-O Visa Application in Thailand.  If you are interested in getting this service, please

fill form below:

Work Permit

To apply for a work permit in Thailand you should apply for a Non-Immigrant B (business) visa at a Thai embassy or consulate before you come to Thailand. When you arrive in the country you can then apply for a work permit.  However if you are in Thailand and don’t have Non-B visa, you can obtain in at the immigration office near you. The Non-Immigrant B visa may be either for a period of three months or a multi-entry visa which allows you to leave and return to Thailand within a twelve-month period. The twelve-month multi-entry visa requires that you leave the country within each ninety-day period. You can return to Thailand using the same visa for the twelve-month period.

            If you are going to be working for a company in Thailand, your work permit can be applied for in advance by your employer, and the permit will be issued in Thailand. We advise that you contact a professional with experience in obtaining visas to help you with the application process.
            Securing a work permit can be a complicated and tedious ordeal because of the numerous documents you have to submit. Many law offices in cities where there is a high concentration of foreigners should be able to help you with the application.
            An employer is not allowed to hire a foreigner who does not have a work permit. Also, the type of work actually done by the foreigner must match the type of work specified on the work permit. (Any violation is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or a fine not exceeding 60,000 baht, or both). The employer must submit a notification to the government within fifteen days of the commencement of termination of the working foreigner, or a change of the location where the work is done.
            The work permit expires within one year (or up to two years in some cases) starting from the date of your arrival in Thailand, and it also expires when the Non-Immigrant B Visa expires. You need to renew your work permit before the expiration date.
            The work permit has the name of the employer, the activities you may be engaged in, and the location in which the duties may be performed. You have to work for the employer specified in the work permit. You are not allowed to have a work permit for one employer and work for someone else. If there are changes in your duties or you change to a different employer, you have to inform the Labor Department of these changes and they have to be approved.
            You must keep the work permit with you or at your workplace during working hours to be ready to present it to an official making an inspection. If the work permit is damaged or lost, you can apply for a replacement within fifteen days from the date it is lost.
            If there are any changes to your name, nationality, address, or the name of the workplace, you have to apply for the revision of such information immediately. If you resign or are terminated from your place of employment, the work permit must be returned to the registrar of the Ministry of Labor within seven days from the date of resignation or termination. In addition, you must report to the Immigration Bureau, which will then, usually, cancel the Non-Immigrant B visa and allow you seven days to leave the country. It is therefore wise to arrange to take another job and prepare your work permit changes before resigning from your current employment.
            The Non-Immigrant B visa can be extended within Thailand at the Immigration Bureau, but many additional documents have to be submitted by the employer. Once the visa has been extended or renewed, it is then possible to renew the work permit.
            It is necessary for your visa to be multi-entry if you plan to travel outside of Thailand. If you have a single-entry visa and you leave the country without a re-entry permit, you will have to apply for a new Non-Immigrant B visa and new work permit.                                                 


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