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Opening a Bank Account in Pattayaarticle

Once you decide to live or do business in Pattaya and you have bought a house or condo in Pattaya. The next most important thing for you to consider is open a bank account in Pattaya

Sending Money To Pattayaarticle

No matter what your reason, you may need to send money to somebody in Pattaya, or even to yourself. Advanced technology in the banking industry has made this easy.

Getting Divorced [Part 1]

There are three ways to dissolve a marriage in Thailand:

Divorce with A Court Order [Part 2] article

If your spouse refuses to give you a divorce or you cannot agree on the terms of settlement,

Marrying in Thailand [Part 1]article

If you marry a Thai citizen, or even if both you and your spouse are foreigners, your may register your marriage in Thailand. It is a fairly simple process if you have all the required documents ready. Once registered, it will be considered a legal marriage pursuant to Thai law, and the marriage will be recognized throughout the world.

Marrying in Thailand [Part 2]article

At the registration office, you need to bring all of the documents listed above plus the following:

What jobs that foreigners are not allowed to do?

Most countries, if not all, reserve the work of certain kinds for their own people. These works cannot be done by aliens whatsoever.

How is the property of husband and wife?article

The property of husband and wife shall be in accordance with Thai law only.

How are the conditions of marriage under Thai law?article

The marriage in Thai law can be valid only if the parties are 17 years of age and none of them is a spouse of another person.

Dying In Thailand [Part 1]

You are going to die. None of us want to hear this, but it is going to happen. It’s important for you to know the consequences if this should happen while you are in Thailand.

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